For High Strength Wastewater Treatment or Sanitary Wasterwater Treatment 

Complete pretreatment system delivered on site with plug and play capabilities.


The ReGen Sequencing Bio-Filter is a first of its kind, packaged, plug-and-play high strength wastewater treatment system designed specifically to avoid the issues typically associated with treating the waste of breweries, wineries, and other food and beverage processors. The SBF reduces loads of over 15,000mg/l BOD to under 300mg/l BOD in an extremally efficent manor. This technology only uses a fraction of the electricity as other processes typically used for high strength wastewater treatment and it's proprietary control system keeps operations to a minimum all while producing very little sludge and only using chemicals for pH adjustment.

To learn more about the Wastewater Stabilization System, click here or for the Sequencing Bio-Filter, click here to view our downloadable brochures.

  • Pretreatment systems that are factory tested for a plug and play delivery
  • Ability to customize display and controls
  • Remote Operator support for all systems
  • Systems can be built in containers for single source responsibility
  • No chemical sludge to process, no membrane to foul


Wastewater Stabilization and

Sequencing Bio-Filter