Standard Chemical Feed Skids

ReGenWater, Inc. is proud to announce a completely new line of standardized chemical feed pump skids for 2020. Call us today for pricing.
Make sure to reference skid the model number (Ex. RGNS-1) when you call to get all the documentation you need.
Be aware that the new skid models have since changed from 2019.

RGNS-5 (Duplex Skid)

RGNS-6 (Duplex Skid)

RGNS-7 (Duplex Skid)

RGNS-8 (XL Simplex Skid)

RGNS-9 (XL Duplex Skid)


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RGNS-4 (Duplex Skid)

RGNS-3 (Triplex Skid)

RGNS-2 (Duplex Skid)

RGNS-1 (Simplex Skid)