Brewery Wastewater Stabilization: Phase 1

How It Works:

All Brewhouse wastewater is collected in one tank

BWSS System raises the pH of the waste automatically

Add air: Keeps the waste mixed- no solids buildup in the holding tank- removes foul odors

Equilized discharge to distribute shock loading (better for your local wastewater tratment plant)

Spills or dumped fermenters are slowly discharged instead of one large shock load

Fully automatic - just make sure you keep caustic around, and the BWSS will do the rest.

As most brewers know, the wastewater from your brewhouse can smell terrible if it sits around.  They are also aware that the waste is pretty high in organics.  However is is often misunderstood just how strong the waste is, and how large of an impact it can have on their local wastewater treatment facility or on their own on site disposal system. 

Up until very recently, there were very few options for treating this high strength wastewater coming out of breweries, and the cost to purchase, operate, and maintain these systems was astronomical. 

But not anymore! ReGen Water has broken the treatment process into two phases, Phase 1 consists of the Brewery Waste Stabilization System or BWSS.  We recomend this system to breweries who have not yet been told they need to put in a full pretreatment system in, this will keep the local wastewater plant from being hit with shock loads from your brewery causing a plant upset, and surley an incrased cost for wastewater service.