Chemical Enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT) is the process by which chemicals, typically metals salts and/or polymersin the form of organic polyelectrolytes, are added to primary sedimentation basins.  The chemicals cause the suspended particles to clump together via the processes of coagulation and floculation.  The particle aggregates, or flocs, settle faster thereby enhancing treatment efficiency, measured as removal of solids, organic matter and nutrients from the wastewater.  Studies have shown that removal efficiencies of up to 90% can be achieved.  Removing more of the TSS and BOD before secondary treatment effectively increases the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant without having to make expensive capital upgrades.

The ReGen Water CEPTPRO is based on over 120 years of industry research and practice.  CETPRO can be implemented using a dedicated CEPTPRO clairifer, or by retrofitting a conventional clairifer. 

Why work with ReGen Water, Inc.? 

We have combined our chemical feed systems with our Multi-System Controller to provide a packaged Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment Program.   This packaged system is customized to your needs and can be expanded as your treatment goals evolve.  Depending on the type of wastewater, different online instrumentation is used to gather data.  This data is used to provide the operator control over the treatment level desired and consume the least amount of chemical to achieve that result.