Standard Chemical Feed Skids

ReGenWater, Inc. is proud to announce a completely new line of standardized chemical feed pump skids for 2021. Call us today for the most up to date pricing. Make sure to reference skid the model number (Ex. RGNS-1) when you call to get all the documentation you need.
Be aware that the skid models may since changed from what is below so review all documents and drawings sent to you when requested.

RGNS-5 (Duplex Skid)

RGNS-6 (Duplex Skid)

RGNS-7 (Duplex Skid)

RGNS-8 (XL Simplex Skid)

RGNS-9 (XL Duplex Skid)



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RGNS-4 (Duplex Skid)

RGNS-3 (Triplex Skid)

RGNS-2 (Duplex Skid)

RGNS-1 (Simplex Skid)