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Chemical Feed Skid Designs: here are the several different types of skids that ReGen Water manufactures, and to better help you find what you are looking for they're catagorized by the number of pumps on the skid (Ex. Simplex skid designs are single pump skids, etc., other skid designs is anything over 4 pumps on a single skid). To see a full list of each type, click on them.


- Simplex skid designs                                                                                                  - Duplex skid designs


Polymer Blending System Designs: Below are several different models of polymer skid that ReGen Water manufactures, and to better figure out what you are looking for, go to our Polymer Blending Systems page to determine the flow rate and pump size you will need. To see the full breakdown of the part numbers below and what there individual components are, click here to view our Part Number Guide.

   Polymer Skid Model numbers:

        - P38A382A381138 (Low flow system)

        - P12A122A12101012 (Medium flow system)

        - P34A342A12202034 (High flow system)


Pre-assemblied Skid Stands: Below are several different types of skid stand that ReGen Water has the ability to manufacture and provide, and to better fit your specific needs, we can provide a stand in any of the following. If you need a drawing, click here to download.

     Option #1: FRP Strut Stand with SS hardware

     Option #2: Welded Aluminum Stand

     Option #3: Welded Stainless Steel Stand