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Polymer Blending Systems

The ReGen Blend, Polymer Blending System is the system that has made operations and maintenance simple. This unit has very few moving parts and all system plumbing has unions and is easily detachable from the skid to make cleaning a breeze. Our three different size systems have options for a manual operation or fully automatic operation. Along with all these great features, the Polymer Blending System has a maintenance drip tray to contain any spilled product from maintenance right on the panel and away from the floor. Our Polymer Blending System can be used to blend any chemical needed, such as defoamer applications.

There are four standard carrier water flows to chose from for a variety of dilution rates:

    • .1 - 1 GPM carrier water

    • .1 - 5 GPM carrier water

    • 2 - 10 GPM carrier water

    • 2 - 20 GPM carrier water


With Grundfos dosing pump options including:

     • 0 - 2 GPH

     • 0 - 4 GPH

     • 0 - 8 GPH


Have a different pump in mind? ReGen Water can install any other diaphragm pump on our systems to go with anyones preference on dosing pumps. Additionally, we can customize our systems to fit any other style of pump you would prefer such as peristaltic style pumps.